About the Book

Primary Guitar was originally written for primary school students and teachers although anyone wanting to learn to play can use this book. It starts out with simple one note melodies and progresses on to playing basic chords and more complicated rock and blues arrangements.

Both standard notation and TAB is used throughout the book as well as very clear rhythm and chord boxes. Each time a new note is introduced it is explained at the top of each page and if teachers don't want to use the backing tracks provided then the chords to every song are written above the notation.

There are seasonal and beginner folk tunes as well as specially composed rock and pop pieces to help with particular techniques. Also included are some duets and pieces that can be played in a group setting. All of the pieces are designed to be played and performed to parents and fellow students as and when you feel like you are able.

Please note: This book is meant to be enjoyed! If you engage with it fully and practice so that you are confident then you will gain much from it and a guitarist then you will become.