Welcome to the website for Primary Guitar, the new starter guitar book from Marc Patching & Ben Garraway. We are confident that it’s a great adventure for younger students in schools and a powerful tool for guitar teachers everywhere.

Here you can order the book and download backing tracks. 
The easiest way to access our backing tracks is from our YouTube channel or you can download them.
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UK customers can purchase Primary Guitar in both a hard copy or as an Amazon Kindle version from Amazon.

An iBook is also available from the Apple Book Store as well as an ePub version available from Smashwords.com.

If you're based outside the UK then an ebook is available also from either the Apple Book Store, Kobo.com or Blio.com

(If you've not registered with Kobo then they are doing an offer where you can download your first book for free)

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All of our backing tracks are available on our YouTube channel and our Downloads page.